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Your ShowSpace profile is ultimately a digital advert, showcasing your talents with a view to getting you a booking. For this reason it is important that everything in your profile looks professional and well written. To help you manage your profile and make it stand out from the crowd we’ve written these helpful tips:

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Display name

Most entertainers already have an established name for their act, this stage name usually incorporates a word associated with their persona and profession. For example: Milo, The Musical Magician. A stage name should be obvious, catchy, easy to say and easy to spell you want people to remember you afterall.

Profile Photo

Make sure your profile picture is clear and eye-catching, your aim is to draw the user’s attention to your profile. Ideally you want a picture that shows who you are and what you do. (Obvious example: if you’re a fire breather have a picture of yourself breathing fire). Colourful and interesting photos will always draw people’s eyes this means a greater chance that they will click on your profile.

NOTE:You can use a logo as your profile photo as long as your profile describes what you do as an individual entertainer, and does not advertise an agency or business.

Act Description

Your act description is the first thing that user’s will read, it needs to say what you do and what’s special about your act in a few short sentences. It is best to keep your act description as much to the point as possible. If necessary you can include more detailed information about yourself and your act within your biography.

“Sandi Thom brings a Raw, Raunchy, Rock, Blues sound to her music, showcasing her tremendous skill on lead guitar, outstanding performances on the harmonica and her incredible vocal talent.”

In these few sentences the artist says who she is, what genres she performs and what instruments she plays. It is always advisable to talk about yourself in the third person, this makes your description seem more creditable as if it is a testimonial of your talent rather than sounding like your boasting about yourself.

Contact Details

The contact details you enter when you register will be displayed within your profile, you can change your contact details within the details tab of your profile after you have created an account. It’s up to you what contact details you display.

*NOTE - Please be sure to always leave a postal code within your profile as this allows the search tool to display your profile in the locational search results. Your postcode will NOT appear on your profile unless you include an address within your details tab.

Though you need a valid email address to be able to open an account with ShowSpace, we do not show your email address on your profile page. This is to protect your privacy and to stop spammers from stealing your email, client’s can contact you directly through the contact tab of your profile.

ShowSpace badges

Within the details tab of your profile, you can add a ShowSpace badge by simply ticking the box next to each badge. Scrolling over each symbol will allow you to see what each badge represents.

Please see 'Entertainers FAQs' for more information on ShowSpace badges.    

Price Range

People love a bargain! Be as honest as you can about your price range but try to start your prices as low as possible, if anything this will encourage clients to at least contact you. You can then negotiate a fair price based on the event, duration and location etc. If you do not wish to add a price range simply write 'Competitive rates' or 'Contact directly for a quote' within the price range box.


Your biography is your chance to really sell yourself and your act, there are no rules about what to include in your bio.

Let the reader know what services you provide, what makes you unique as an entertainer and your passion for your artform. Include all of this within the first paragraph, get to your sales pitch straight away and don’t give the reader the chance to get bored and leave your profile.

A little background information about you and your qualifications is great, it allows the reader to get to know you and credits your talent. Your main aim within your biography is to get your services, persona and talent across to the reader.

You can either write your biography in the first or third person, make sure your grammar is correct, bad spelling looks unprofessional and makes you look like you don’t take pride in your work.

Try to break the written text up into paragraphs, a page full of writing with no spaces looks like a chore and puts people off reading it.

If your having difficulties in writing your Biography the best thing to do would be to pay a PR professional to write it for you.

* NOTE - We do not allow people to add links or advertise business’s within the biography section of our profiles, if we see it, we’ll delete you!Yell


Your wall is a great way for you to network with other entertainers, but is also another area within your profile to advertise! Talk about what you've been up to, upcoming gigs etc.    

Adding friends

When your logged into your profile, you can browse other entertainers profile’s and add them using the “add friend” button under their profile picture. By adding friend’s you are ultimately creating an address book of useful contacts.


Just like your profile picture, your gallery pictures should be clear, eye-catching and interesting. As well as head shots, be sure to add photographs of your performances so people can see you in action! Remember the saying, a picture is worth a thousand words......

When I try to add a picture it fails and reads wrong file extension?

Make sure the picture that you are attaching is a jpg or a PNG (It will say at the end of the file extension what type of file it is). For example:

 C:\Documents and Settings\Owner\My Documents\ My Pictures\Sandi Thom\Sandi Thom.jpg

 If it doesn’t have jpeg/PNG on the end of the file extension, try saving the picture to your computer again and change the format.


We use YouTube to host our videos, you can embed 4 videos with a STAR account and 10 videos with a SUPERSTAR account.

If you need help embedding your YouTube video into you profile please view our 'YouTube Tutorial Video' or read below.

Video is a great tool for showcasing your act the more professional your video looks the more likely people will book you. Use a high quality camera with good sound, if you want to edit your video to add text etc there is lots of great editing software around.

If your on a tight budget or don’t have the technical skills to create a promotional video why not contact your local college or university and ask if any of the media students would be willing to create one for you as a student project? Wink

I already have a Youtube account, how do I embed my video into my ShowSpace profile?

Login to your Youtube account and click on the video you want to embed. Copy the page URL. Now login to your ShowSpace account, click on the 'Youtube tab' and paste the URL link from your Youtube account into the box provided, then click save. Remember to label your video by filling in the title box.

Viola, you’re video is attached to your profile!

I don’t have a Youtube account!

Don’t worry, it’s easy to create one, if you need help simply watch our 'YouTube Tutorial Video' on how to set up a Youtube account.

I’ve uploaded my video but now there’s a message that says ‘embedding disabled by request', what should I do?

When you open a Youtube account there is an option within it to disable embedding, this is a security feature which allows you to stop others from embedding your video within another website.

 To change the settings:

  1. Log into your Youtube account
  2. Go to ‘My videos and playlist’ (this will be the first page you see when you log into your account)
  3. Select ‘Edit’ for the video whose embeddable status you wish to change
  4. Scroll down the page and click on ' Embedding’ change the setting to "Yes, external sites may embed and play this video"
  5. You should now be able to embed your video within your ShowSpace account.


Audio on ShowSpace is hosted using Soundcloud, you can embed 4 audio tracks with a STAR account and 15 audio tracks with a SUPERSTAR account.

If you need help embedding your Souncloud audio please watch our 'Soundcloud tutorial video' or read below.

If your uploading your own original music, we would recommend only putting snippets of your music on Soundcloud, just give people a taster.....that way no-one can download the full track from soundcloud, therefore protecting your copyright.

I already have a Soundcloud account, how do I embed my audio tracks into my ShowSpace profile?

Login to your Soundcloud account and click on the audio track you want to embed. Copy the page URL. Now login to your ShowSpace account, click on the 'Soundcloud tab' and paste the URL link from your Soundcloud account into the box provided, then click save. Remember to label your audio track by filling in the title box.

Viola, you’re audio is attached to your profile!

I don’t have a Soundcloud account!

Don’t worry, it’s easy to create one, if you need help watch our 'Soundcloud tutorial video' on how to set up a Soundcloud account. It will show you how to upload your audio tracks and then embed them into your ShowSpace profile

Contact Tab

The contact form in the contact tab of your profile allows users to make contact with you via email. Within your profile tab you are able to add social media links under the 'social links tab', these will be displayed above the contact form in your profile. This allows users to click through to your myspace, facebook pages etc allowing them to contact you through these mediums as well. We understand it's hard work juggling multiple social media profiles but try to update them regularly and keep them looking neat and tidy.


The review system is designed to allow users to leave reviews on your profile. Be sure to ask clients to go onto your ShowSpace profile and write a review about their experiences with you. This will enhance your profile, allowing other users to read reviews from satisfied customers and fans.


If you need help adding gigs to your calendar please view our ' ShowSpace a digital tour' or read below.

You can add your upcoming performances to the gig calendar, this a great way to advertise as any gig you enter will appear under the gigs tab 7 days before your performance. To add a gig:

  Login into your account and click the forum tab at the top right of the page

  Login into the forum using the same login details

  Click on Gig Listings

  Click on Add Gig Listing

  Fill in the required fields making sure to include the Location of your gig in the 'Name of Gig' field.

  Enter in the 'Date' using the fields required

  Enter the 'Number of Days' you would like the advert for the gig to run for

  Fill in the large box provided with any other information you would like to include about the gig

User’s can find gigs by clicking on the 'gigs tab' to view upcoming performances or by going directly through your profile and clicking on 'Forum Profile/Gig Listings' below your profile picture. This will take them to your forum page where they can click see all your forum entries on the “Gig calendar” to view all of the performances you have entered.


Often entertainers need to team up to work together, the jobs board is the perfect way to find work and network with other entertainers. Most recently added jobs will appear under the 'Jobs' tab on the website. To add a job:

Log into the forum and click on Job Listings

Click on New Topic and then add your job advert.

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