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We specialise in entertainment

Our directory is especially for entertainers and creative professionals, our profiles are tailored to your needs. As the ShowSpace directory grows our aim is to expand and further refine our profiles to meet your requirements.

The Showspace team collectively have over 25 years experience in the entertainment and events industries and are themselves, performers.

We are unique!

There are very few directories dedicated to showcasing the talents of entertainers and creative professionals. Unlike ShowSpace many do not cover the vast genres of entertainers and do not offer full profiles. We don't allow agencies to create business profiles because we want the focus to be on....

YOU and your TALENTS!

Other features such as our Free gig listings, Free job ads, ShowSpace badges, Extra Skills box, Specialist Performance box and extensive profiles make us unique!

We’re Affordable

Not only is our basic profile 100% FREE, our upgraded profiles are at set, affordable prices. Many of the other directories charge you for:

  • Area coverage - each location you’re listing appears under in the search results
  • For each category you list your act under
  • To receive booking enquiries

We only charge you a one off yearly fee this includes all of the above as well as video, audio, photo gallery, gig posts, job posts, wall, review system, extended information and much, much more.....

We keep the focus on entertainment!

Nearly all directories list entertainment agencies within their entertainment and performance category listings. This means that:   

  • When users search/click on a profile, instead of seeing information about individual performers, they see a business listing with details about an agency
  • The search results are overflowing with entertainment agencies promoting their businesses taking the focus away from the performers talents

In order to keep the focus of our directory on talent, we do not allow entertainment agencies to feature their businesses within our profiles. This means that when a user clicks onto a profile, they are guaranteed to see information about that performer and their talents, instead of seeing a business profile.

It is very important to our company ethos to keep the focus of our profiles on entertainers and their talents!

However, we also understand the importance of entertainment agencies and the great services they offer to entertainers and clients alike. We therefore allow agencies to create profiles on the behalf on their entertainers, this keeps the focus on the entertainers, but allows agencies to include their contact information to deal with enquiries.

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