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Customers FAQs

This page is aimed at Customers searching the directory, it provides information about how to use the website along with help and advice. If you are an Entertainer looking for answers please visit our 'Entertainers FAQs' or the 'Profile tips' page.

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How do I search for an entertainer?

The easiest way to search for an entertainer is to use the search console on the homepage. You can search for an entertainer by:

  1. Picking a category and sub category
  2. Adding your postcode to see which entertainers are closest to your location
  3. Choosing to see profiles that contain audio, video and photos

You can browse through entertainers profiles by using the category tabs to the left of the search console, click 'browse all categories' at the bottom of the list to see all our listings.

Contacting Entertainers

I’ve found an entertainer and I want to contact them, what should I do?

You can use the contact information displayed on their profile page in order to get in touch with them. Alternatively, if you would like to contact them via email simply click on the ‘Contact’ tab within their profile and submit an enquiry form.

We will forward your message directly to the entertainer.

You will also find an entertainers social networking links at the top of their contact tab, simply click on the icons to visit their other webpages.


What do the symbols on the top of an entertainers profile represent?

We call them ShowSpace badges, if you scroll over them you can see what they represent. An entertainer will choose to add a relevant badge to their profile in order to show that they have certain documentation.

CRB badge I have been C.R.B checked

CRB stands for Criminal Records Bureau. An entertainer will feature this badge if they have a CRB disclosure certificate. You may want to book an entertainer who has had a CRB check if they will be working with children or vulnerable adults.

*IMPORTANT - Always be sure to ASK to see an entertainer’s CRB certificate. WE DO NOT VET entertainers and we do not have access to our member’s criminal records history. By choosing to put the CRB badge on their profile an entertainer is declaring that they can produce the certificate upon your request. It is YOUR responsibility to ask to see their certificate and therefore, if any convictions are listed upon that certificate. When you book an entertainer based upon the fact that they have a CRB badge, if at any point they tell you that they do not have a CRB certificate or cannot produce one, please inform us as this is a breach of our terms and conditions and we will remove the badge from their profile.

BC I have booking contracts

This badge means that the entertainer can provide you with a booking contract should you request one. We would always recommend having a booking contract between an entertainer and yourself. A booking contract is a written contract between yourself and the entertainer outlining what has been agreed, date/length of performance, payment etc.

PLI I have public liability insurance

This badge means that the entertainer is insured should anything go wrong during a performance.

CARE A care badge offers discounts to charities,hospitals & care homes

This badge means that the entertainer is willing to offer discounts to charitable and caring organisations.

What is the section within an entertainers profile labelled ‘specialist performances’ for?

This is so entertainers can list any specific or themed shows they perform , e.g. Halloween, Christmas etc. So if you’re looking for an entertainer for a Halloween themed show you can easily find one.


I booked an entertainer, they were amazing/rubbish, how do I leave a review?

Simply go to the entertainers profile, click on the review tab and fill in the review feedback form. Please be warned, your email address will appear above your review, so only leave a review if you’re willing to own it. Please be fair when reviewing entertainers, as they cannot delete your review after you’ve posted it. If you’re going to leave negative comments, an entertainer may use your email address to contact you in order to discuss it.

*DO NOT post any reviews containing threatening, abusive, defamatory, obscene or indecent content. You will be in breach of our terms and conditions and it will be removed.

I had a bad experience with an entertainer I found through ShowSpace, what will you do about it?

We’re sorry if you’ve had a bad experience with an entertainer, however we cannot get involved in disputes between entertainers and their clients. You need to talk directly to the entertainer involved and try to resolve the issue independently. Alternatively you can leave a negative review, entertainers cannot delete your reviews so anyone looking at their profile will see it.

If you feel that an entertainer has breached our 'terms and conditions' you can contact us through our 'contact' page and we will investigate the matter.

I've seen some explicit images/video on ShowSpace that I found offensive, what can I do?

All of our entertainers' agree to our terms and conditions when creating a ShowSpace profile, this means that they agree not to upload or embed any explicit or pornographic images. If you feel that any of our entertainers' are in breach of our terms and conditions please contact us at info@showspace.co.uk and we will investigate the matter.

Why is it that only members can post in the forums?

In order to keep the forums focused on entertainers and to avoid spam we only allow our members to post in our forums.

Advertising with ShowSpace

How do I become a ShowSpace affiliate?

If you would like to appear as an affiliate on ShowSpace please contact us at info@showspace.co.uk for more information.

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