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Act Description:

An audio, visual riot of crooning female vocals, synths, guitars and drums.
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Posted By Teresa Dead on 14:17:35 05-08-12
If you are interested in the coolest, most exciting band then visit zeitgeistzero dot com. Google us, we're on facebook and myspace too.
Posted By Teresa Dead on 14:16:32 05-08-12
You can't seem to do much on this website unless you pay.


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Act Description:

An audio, visual riot of crooning female vocals, synths, guitars and drums.

Extra Skills:

EITGEIST ZERO produce a sensational mix of precise electronica with elements of guitars, drums and keys intertwining seamlessly around passionate female vocals. This results in a sensational, critically acclaimed stage show that guarantees to draw in the audience with their visual effects and energetic stage presence. In addition to releasing two albums, ZEITGEIST ZERO have featured on a movie soundtrack, a music video, numerous compilation albums, radio shows magazines and much, much more. ZEITGEIST ZERO are the rising alternative sensation that you cannot afford to miss out on. Since launching from their hometown of Leeds UK, ZEITGEIST ZERO have so far released two award winning albums and are on the crux of releasing their much anticipated EP. Their self-titled album released in 2005 was met with international critical acclaim and launched the band into the festival scene across Europe. This success was then followed up by their second album release ‘Dead to the World’ in 2009; a sensational dark and dirtier album mixed by John Fryer (HIM, NIN) and mastered by John Dent (Goldfrapp). With this impressive back catalogue and stunning live performances, ZEITGEIST ZERO were at the forefront of the ground breaking ‘Beyond the Veil festival’, legendary ‘Whitby Gothic Weekend’, popular ‘Madrid Gothic Festival’ and massive ‘Wave Gotik Treffen Festival’ in Leipzig Germany, featuring 150 bands and 25,000 people. Rising steadily through both the UK and European alternative scenes, ZEITGEIST ZERO have gone from strength to strength with international recognition. This has included producing a sound track to Andrey Iskanov’s Russian film ‘Ingression’, appearing in Mick Mercer’s musical anthology book ‘Music To Die For’ and winning Germany’s Dark Spy Magazine’s album of the month. Most recently the band has produced a new music video for their much anticipated single ‘When the Lights Go Down’ as a part of their soon to be released EP. Join the ZEITGEIST ZERO phenomenon as they continue their rise through the alternative scene.

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£0 - £10000


3 Portland St
Leeds, Yorkshire

LS28 9BU
United Kingdom


0113 229 3656


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