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Bring a touch of magic to any occasion with our professional face painting service to the highest standard. We do children's parties, corporate events, weddings, concerts and more. All our paints are specialist water-based and hypoallergenic and always guarantee superior results. Please browse our gallery and contact us for further details.
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Act Description:

Bring a touch of magic to any occasion with our professional face painting service to the highest standard. We do children's parties, corporate events, weddings, concerts and more. All our paints are specialist water-based and hypoallergenic and always guarantee superior results. Please browse our gallery and contact us for further details.

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Animation, Children's Workshops, Artist.

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Competitive rates


85 Makepeace Mansions
London, Greater London

N6 6HB
United Kingdom


07932 052 607


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Posted By Beverley on 09:55:13 23-09-11
Awesome! Beverley from Creature Features was just fantastic with the kids at our son's birthday party. Apart from a really detailed, varied and unique painting style, she really knows how to relate to kids and make it a fun experience!

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