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9th Sep
Tips on booking an entertainer
Tips on booking an entertainer

So, you’ve browsed through all of our entertainers and have now decided that you would like to make a booking enquiry.

So now what?

Contacting an entertainer

Simply click on the contact tab within the entertainers’ profile, enter your name, your email and your query. Be sure to fill in the security code at the bottom to confirm you’re not a robot. The entertainer will then receive your email directly into their inbox, alerting them to the booking enquiry.

The importance of a contract

We would always recommend having a written contract with an entertainer, this protects both you and the entertainer.

Most professional entertainers will provide you with a booking contract, this is a binding contract once you have signed so please be sure to read it carefully. Lookout for the booking contract badge at the top of an entertainers ShowSpace profile, this means that they can provide you with a contract.

If you are happy to book the entertainer ask them to send you a booking letter or booking contract. When you receive it,

  • CHECK THE DATE (the day of your event) IS CORRECT
  • MAKE SURE THE ENTERTAINERS SIGNED IT (Usually they will send it to you already signed)

An entertainer will sometimes request a deposit in order to secure the booking, this is normal. Though simply having a booking contract is enough for some entertainers.

It is not advisable to pay an entertainer the full fee before the event

Be sure to have the entertainer’s full fee ready to hand them at the end of their performance, unless you have made alternative arrangements with them.

Once you’ve paid, get a receipt

If they don’t have a readymade one, ask them to write on a piece of paper that they have received the agreed fee in full, date it and have them sign it.


This is important, there are many things to consider when booking an entertainer.

  •  Do they have to travel to get to your event? Make sure that any travel fees are included in the end fee or is set in the booking letter/contract.
  •  Do they need a hotel room? If your entertainer is travelling a great distance in order to attend a performance they may request that you pay for a hotel room. Again, make sure that this is included in the booking contract.

  • What if they cancel? A contract usually outlines the conditions of a cancellation. If they cancel for whatever reason (usually within a time frame i.e. 14 days prior to performance) a contract will specify how much money you get back or whether or not they will provide you with a replacement act.

  • What if you decide to cancel - The contract will usually outline how much notice you have to give the entertainer in order to get your money back or avoid paying the full fee.

  • Are you obligated to provide them with a performance rider? (a rider is a list of things the entertainer will need during the performance and any other conditions of performing. For example:
    1. You must provide me with a table
    2. You agree that I will start packing away my equipment at 12 am

An entertainer will usually state their requirements within the contract, make sure you read them and agree to them all.

  • Do you require an entertainer who has a C.R.B check? If a performer has declared on their ShowSpace profile that they have a C.R.B check ASK to see their certificate.
  • Do you want an entertainer who has Public liability insurance (P.L.I)? If a performer has declared on their profile that they have Public liability insurance, again ask to see details.

What can go wrong if you choose not to have a contract?

  • An entertainer may ask you for unforeseen additional costs, if you don’t have some sort of written agreement you may get slapped with extra charges.
  • They decide to cancel – Without a contract if an entertainer decides to cancel on you for whatever reason you will be left in a panic trying to get a replacement. A contract lets both you and the entertainer know where things stand in the event of a cancellation.
  • Without a rider you don’t know what an entertainer needs for a performance.

If you choose not to have a contract make sure that you talk to your entertainer about all of the above points and have a verbal understanding.

A short story

A bride once booked a magician for her wedding, she found him through word of mouth and arranged for him to entertain her guests. They agreed on the date, the price and 3 months in advance she paid him the full booking fee. The day before the wedding the magician rang the bride and said that in order to attend the wedding he would need another £50 for travel expenses as he did not drive. This came as a great shock to the bride as she had already paid in full.

(everyone knows not to stress out a bride the day before her wedding)

The magicians mistake was not providing his client with a booking contract and forgetting to include his travel expenses within his total fee. The bride’s mistake was paying the entertainer in full before the event and not requesting a booking contract.

Luckily for both parties, a member of the ShowSpace team drove the entertainer home allowing the bride to enjoy her special day.

And they all lived happily ever after

                                           Moral of the story

Have a booking contract! Wink

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