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29th Jun
Tips On SoundCloud
Tips On SoundCloud

www.showspace.co.uk, uses soundcloud to embed your music into your profile so potential bookeroos (customers looking to book you) can hear you perform. That said, here’s a few tips on how to get the best out of your soundcloud account.

Keep song intro’s short! If your song doesn’t catch a listeners attention immediately their going to move onto the next artist. You can’t expect a listener to click through your track until they find the best bits. Don’t spoil your chances of getting noticed by starting your track with an insanely long intro. This rule is especially important when targeting A&R reps from record labels!!! Alternatively put a snippet of your song up without the intro, let the listener get to the best bit of the track first.

Production, Production, Production! If your song sounds like it’s been recorded in a biscuit tin it really damages the listener’s experience. Bad sound production can turn a great song into a disaster. SPEND THE MONEY getting your songs mixed and mastered, if your broke go to the nearest college/uni and find some music technology students who need a project, they’ll do it for free.

DON’T put full songs up! Since the invention of the internet music theft has become rife, if you’re looking to make money by selling your music DON’T put full tracks on soundcloud. A 40 second snippet of the song will be enough to let the listener know whether they like it or not. Free editing software such as Audacity is an easy way create song snippets. Protect your copyright!

DON’T put unfinished tracks up! Firstly, whats the point? And secondly, whats the point? Your fan’s don’t need to see your creative process, only put tracks you’ve finished and you’re happy with up.

To get followers, get following! If you want people to follow you on soundcloud, like any social media site you need to be active within the soundcloud community. Take an interest in other peoples music and they might take an interest in yours in return.

Listen! Listen to other users music, you can favourite a soundcloud track by clicking on the heart symbol above the play button. By adding a track to your favourites you are being active within the soundcloud community. The surest way to spot someone purely fan hunting on soundcloud is by seeing an empty favourite list.

Comment! Constructive commenting on other user’s tracks not only shows your support for other musicians but can also generate more traffic to your own page. User’s notice and appreciate feedback about their music and in turn may listen and comment on yours.

Share! This is stating the obvious a bit but everytime you add a new track to soundcloud you should be sharing it to all your social networking profiles, share on facebook, if your friends with any DJs, producers, artists whack it on their pages too asking them to listen, send it to all your email contacts, tweet it & share it with other soundcloud users. Be sure to keep your ShowSpace profile updated with new music!

Join a group! Join and submit your tracks to groups, target groups that relate to your genre but remember to also target groups based on your location. This can help you gain a following in your local area which can in turn lead to more gigging opportunities.

Follow back! Check who’s following you and in return follow back.

Tag it! Tagging your tracks using keywords means that you will be more accessible when users search soundcloud based on genre or instrument.

Free downloads! Giving away the odd free download is a great way to keep your fans happy and show a little gratitude.

Selling! If your tracks are available for purchase add a ‘buy it now’ button. Once you’ve uploaded a track:

  1. Click edit
  2. Once on the edit track page click ‘show more options’
  3. Add the URL (itunes, bandcamp etc) into the ‘buy link’ box

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