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Call for a Charismatic Male Actor, Deep Diving Ensemble


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Deep Diving Ensemble & Fragen Theatre Company

Call for a Charismatic Male Actor

Call for a charismatic actor of any and every ethnicity or background, who relishes playing arrogance, playing age 28-40, for a central role in a new play performing at Edinburgh Fringe Festival 2016:

5 Out of 10 Men

Up to 80% of all suicides in the UK are male; nearly 50% of men who die under the age of 45 die by their own hand.

This is a show concerning the 21st Century crisis of masculinity and modern rites of passage through a physical ensemble. Our aim is to create an open, playful space for audience and actors to meet, witness and explore. This piece will delve into discussion of the gendered roles of men, identity and change and will not shy away from the complexities of what that means in a modern world.

We are an ethical, ensemble-based theatre company that call for creativity, bravery and excellent team-working skills.

Rehearsals will fuse text with a workshop approach to inspire a multi-layered piece that pushes the ensemble to the physical, mental and emotional limits.

We are looking for a male actor who:

• Can be versatile and contribute to the rehearsal process.

• Engage passionately with the themes.

• Have a strong sense of play.

• Have some previous experience or training in physically focused work.

We will be holding auditions Mon-Weds of week beginning Monday 13th June in London. If this work calls to you, please don't hesitate to get in touch with your CV and a short paragraph about why this interests you as both a performer and a male. Rehearsal begins in London from June 27th.

Email Roland at or Duncan at

If you would like more information, please have a look at the Deep Diving Men website:


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