Author Topic: Visual Artist(s), The Art Bar : PRISM Manchester #2  (Read 800 times)

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Visual Artist(s), The Art Bar : PRISM Manchester #2
« on: March 16, 2015, 12:31:24 pm »
" You can feel it in Manchester, the history of a million creatives breaking out of the terrace shadows and industrial doorways, the pulse of acid soaked summers, the hold and shift of swaying bodies, synthetic drums, synthetic highs. You can almost hear the desperate scream echoing off glass fronted office spaces, and ancient mills, cascading through the city, from Levenshulme to Droylsdon, them amplified across the north. There’s a feeling here that time is eternal, people live forever, Friday will always come, art is the weather vain, music is the wind, a signal, a blue bird in spring, leaves in autumn. There are no trends here, no passing phase, no forgotten classics, just one long story, the chapter never ends. we just. keep. writing..."

PRISM Manchester 2 is the second in an on-going series of events offering an experimental platform for artistic exchange between emerging artists, curators & musicians. The Art Bar haven decided to adopt the social structure of PRISM, opening it up to new spaces, new artists, and a new audience in a bid to offer exciting artistic opportunities to Manchester based creatives.

PRISM Manchester 2 : Submissions are open to all contemporary fine artists and designers, professional and student, national and international. Works submitted should address the temporary, sociable nature of the "event" and seek to explore, exploit, or disturb this.

Applications can be sent via email to with all mediums welcome. (Video must be supplied in PAL format and under 500mb).